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The WMS Slots – Our Free WMS Slots and Software Review

Williams Interactive, also known as WMS, has been making high-quality gaming equipment for decades. The company’s products have helped transform the gambling industry from mechanical slots to ones with different intellectual properties. WMS is also known for inventing new ways to determine payouts.

The themes of the mechanical slot reels were limited to horses, the Liberty Bell, and fruits. WMS’s ingenuity was displayed with the launch of Reel them In. The company developed other licensed themes over time, beginning with Monopoly. This helped increase its sales and profits.

WMS receives 70% of its revenue from US customers. While the US is home to field services, sales, and development offices, WMS has international facilities in many countries, including Australia, Canada, and India.

WMS has a rich history with a lot of experience and is well-equipped to take on online gambling. They are one of the most trusted online gaming developers and can be found at many of the best online casinos in the world.

WMS Gaming Products

WMS’s gaming products will show you the changing demographics. WMS created video games that appeal to younger players seeking mental and physically challenging experiences. This phenomenon is indicative of the constantly changing gambling industry.

The Community Gaming network is interconnected with slots. Williams Interactive’s slot catalog also contains the G+ series, a collection of video slots and poker games, mechanical reels, and video lottery terminals. The company began offering real money casino games to players over 18 in the United Kingdom in 2010. WMS’ online games were made available to players over 18 years old one year later. The company teamed up with LAG (Large Animal Games), and many of its slot games were incorporated into themes around cruise ships. The game is called “Lucky Cruise” by Facebook users.

Lucky Cruise players can ask their Facebook friends for help. They will be able to collect “lucky charms,” prizes that replace cash. This game can be played similarly to a regular slot machine. The game has a “light strategy” component that allows you to play for free.

WMS was faced with a difficult period in 2012. The company suffered a drop in revenue from the casino industry, which appeared to be declining at the time. WMS began to expand its reach, started creating mobile games, and focused on expanding its online gambling offerings.

Unique Technologies in WMS Slot Machines

WMS has developed many innovative gaming technologies over the years. Transmissive Reels were one of the first such technologies. This gaming platform has video animations on top of mechanical reels. This interactive feature has taken gaming to new heights since its introduction. WMS has created many operating platforms over time. The CPU-NXT2 includes almost 2GB RAM, a 3D ATI graphic card, a 40GB hard disk, and an IV-class Intel Pentium Processor. This platform can run many games.

WMS’s latest operating platform, the CPU-NXT3, was launched in 2012 to support new cabinets and participation games. BlueBird is one of WMS’s most innovative inventions in cabinets. The BlueBird includes HD displays on two 22-inch wide screens, an illuminated printer and bill acceptor, and Bose speakers. Blade (2013) and Gamefield xD These are two of the most recent cabinets designed by the company.

WMS: Company Overview

WMS Gaming has had a solid reputation for creating innovative software and slot machines over the years. The gaming giant, based in Waukegan, Illinois, is set to become a subsidiary of Scientific Game Corporation by 2013. WMS Gaming also offers online and mobile slots so players can access their products from any device.

WMS Gaming entered the slot machine market in 1994. The company released Reel em in its first casino-style video slot a few years later. This game featured a “multi-coin, multi-line secondary bonus” and was WMS’s first success story in the market. The company’s “participation slots” were released in 2001. They were based on Monopoly themes. Since then, the company has been granted additional licenses and is now one of the most prominent gaming equipment manufacturers due to its connections with many well-known brands.

Scientific Games and WMS agreed to merge at the end of January. If completed, WMS will become a Scientific Game subsidiary. Individuals who own shares in WMS will be entitled to $26 per share. The shareholders of WMS approved the merger in May 2013. WMS’ stock will be removed from the NYSE when the merger is completed. According to reports, Scientific Games will spend approximately $1.5 billion to acquire Scientific Games.

Ariana Slot Machine

This new 5-reel Microgaming slot machine makes a splash with its underwater-themed design. Dust off your snorkels and grab a pair of flippers as you prepare to dive into the Ariana slot for sunken treasures.

With 25 fixed pay lines, this slot offers a good chance of catching a passing payout. The catch is a whopping 30,000 credits.

Under the Sea

The underwater theme may be overdone, and you would be right. Ariana, however, is a brand-new game with a modern design and stunning visual effects.

This game takes place in the coral reef kingdom, amongst fishes. The five reels spin smoothly and gracefully, creating a feeling of wonder and awe whenever a winning combination is revealed. When this occurs, the symbols will glow and light up, indicating which payline has been activated.

The calming blue tones of the game make it a pleasant slot for wasting time. Microgaming could have done more to add a narrative to the gameplay.

Dive Deep Into A Coral Kingdom

The game is easy to play and relaxing to watch.

This game includes 10, J, Q, and K symbols, seaweed, starfish, and a mermaid. A sunken treasure chest is present with gold and jewels gleaming in the crystal-clear waters.

Players will need to consult the game’s pay table to find out which symbols pay the most. Although the values displayed on the paytable will vary by counting on the size of the bet, in general, winnings can range between 10x and 100x bets.

Expanding Symbols

This feature can lead to a large amount of winnings.

Spin the Starfish for Free Spins

Like many other five reel slots, Ariana has a scatter and wild symbol. Ariana’s logo is the wild emblem, covering all symbols except the scatter to complete pay lines.

A starfish is the scatter symbol. When players line up two scatters, they’ll get their bet back. Reaching more than two scatters increases the winnings exponentially. Five scatters multiply your total bet 100 times.

Players who see three scatter symbols or more will receive 15 free spins. The feature can be retriggered by visiting another three scattered starfish symbols.

A Slot Machine To Relax To

This Microgaming slot combines liquid-smooth gameplay with subtle features for a relaxing experience. While the lack of substantial bonus features might put off some players, the space is more about the tranquility and calm of the underwater world than adrenaline.