The cards to play board games were created a long time ago. Since then, there have been many versions of games that have been invented. It can be said that poker and blackjack are the most popular in a casino. However, there are others that are a type of derivative of these first two, which have been known to win fanaticism of people. Such is the case of Baccarat, which is played with the deck of cards and is very similar to Blackjack. It is for this reason that in this article we try to make known everything that new players and not so much should know about Baccarat and how to play it.

What is Baccarat?

As mentioned at the beginning, Baccarat is a juice of cards. However, it is important to clarify what your classifications are because you have the one that is simple, where the bank is the house; in what is known as Chemin de fer, which is a bit more advanced, banking alternates between players.

While the modality that is played in most of the casinos in the United States is called point and banking, and in this, the bank also passes between players, however, everything is really controlled by the house. In the latter, all the explanations given below will be based.

In this sense, in the North American Baccarat, the goal is to get a total of 9 or be as close to that value with the cards that are assigned, having the Ace the value of one, the 10 are worth zero and the letters from 2 to 9 they keep the value of their number. With regard to sunsets, these can be done in three ways. The first would be towards the hand that player win the game, the other is to the dealer and the third option is to a draw.

In this way, if you bet on any of the three cases and the bank wins, the player pays a 5% commission that the house will charge. Also, the payment of the players is done one by one, where you can also cancel in cash. While if the hand between the bench and the player is a draw, so there are no winning or losing bets. But when betting before assigning the hands to a tie, it will be paid from 8 to 1 and the advantage of the box is of 14, 36%.

So, the objective of baccarat is to have a result that is closest to 9, although it is also necessary to be right in choosing the hand that will win either the players or the banks.

How to play Baccarat?

To describe this game, it is necessary to describe the table itself, which are wide enough for about 12 or 14 people to occupy it comfortably. The protagonist of the baccarat is the decks, being the most used those of the Standard English model of 52 units of cards. The most frequent is to shuffle them about 8 or 6 times minimum and arrange them on a shoe.

The deck is then sectioned and 16 cards are placed from the bottom of the shoe. Once the design is established, the final hand of the shoe is what it indicates. Thus, players proceed to place bets, assign the pair of cards (one at a time) corresponding to the player and the bank, starting with the first.

All bets will depend on these two hands, because they will be the only ones that will be shared; in this sense, the results are checked and the rules of the draw are used to establish if the player can take another card and depending on the value of the card, it is determined if the bank receives another card as well. To finish, the winner will be declared through the comparison of the total results.

The good thing about Baccarat is that the player does not have to worry more than to make their bets, because the distributors are the ones who will take care of the rest.

The values ​​of the cards

This was already mentioned in the description of the game, however, they are specified in more detail below:

As = 1.

10, Jacks, queen and king = 0.

From 2 to 9 they maintain their value.

The total of a hand must be between 0 to 9, due to subtracting 10 from the results that exceed 9 points, for example, if a player gets three cards with 9, 3 and 4 they accumulate 16 points, which become only 6. While when there are two cards of 10, with 20 being the total, both become 0.

The hand of the player

This is always divided first, so the pair of letters that correspond to them are assigned and the total will be called by the distributor. Next, banking cards are shown. The totals between 6 and 9 the player stand up and do not steal other cards. Values ​​between 8 and 9 are natural and you win immediately against anyone who has the bench unless it is an 8 or a 9 equally and if it is the case that the hands are similar, it is a tie.

On the other hand, when the player draws an 8 and the bench a 9, the latter is the winner, and vice versa when the case. Likewise, if the player in his pair of initial cards draws 6, 7, 8 or 9, he keeps it, but if the first two complete 5 or a number is lower than that, they hit and are assigned another deck, giving finished the game.

The hand of the banker

The bank will always be assigned a pair of cards with values ​​between 7 and 9. Likewise, always get results with both letters ranging from 0 to 3, except that the bank will hit 3 points, compared to a player with 8. On the other hand, the bank will get 4 to 6 totals in the cards, depending on what the player has. So, hit with 4 if the player has 2 to 7; hit with 5 when the player has 4 to 7 points and hit with 6 if the player has 6 and 7.

Application of the strategy

As in almost all games of chance, in Baccarat there are also certain strategies that apply improve the chances of winning. In this way, to finalize, next there will be a couple of movements that can help.

As a result of which the bank is the last to act this gives a bit of advantage with respect to the bet that the player makes. In this sense, when betting banker you get a relatively minor advantage for the house with 1.06%, this being the reason why so many people like Baccarat, it does not matter if you bet on the bank or the player.

On the other hand, you have to bet on the draw which can be quite fun. However, if you want to bet often the house advantage has the power to shoot down the player very quickly. But, if you bet on Tie, the casino offers a payment of 9 to 1, which drastically minimizes the advantage of the box, is this from 14.36% to 4.84% very malleable.